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Additional Required Classes

Additional classes are an opportunity to further explore the principles of Ortho-Bionomy as applied to a variety of subjects. 

It is amazing how such gentle techniques can give such deep releases. Ortho-Bionomy can create the safety needed for an injury to let go of its holding patterns. It is easy on the practitioner and can readily be integrated into any massage or bodywork session.


The additional classes described below are required for the Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Training Programs offered by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI), and may be used as an elective for Associate Membership requirements.


To determine if these additional classes will fulfill the elective requirements of SOBI’s Training Programs, please contact your advisor or your Instructor.

We offer these additional classes in the standard 16-hour in-person format in locations across the United States, as well as online.

When taking our hands-on classes online, we require a practice partner to give credit through  the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI) or NCBTMB.

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Hands-On Classes


Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved

Using the Ortho-Bionomy principles, Isometric and Isotonic techniques can add an element of strengthening within your therapeutic sessions through the additional tool of active movement. This additional approach can be invaluable for releasing “hard-to-reach” restrictions, without creating pain. Through the use of reciprocal inhibition, the muscle can be engaged, self-correcting reflexes can be stimulated, and habitual holding patterns can be released. These techniques can encourage clients to actively participate in their session and can easily become homework for self-care. Learn a fast and effective tool for your practice that is gentle for your clients and easy on your body.

Exploration of Movement

Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved

In this Ortho-Bionomy class we use hands-on passive movements to assess, to release, and to integrate different areas of the client’s body. This is a technique that folds in seamlessly with any kind of bodywork you are already doing, and not only is it fun to do but it also just feels so good! Tapping into the body’s innate wisdom, you will fine tune your ability to sense patterns in the movement of the tissue and the responses of the proprioceptive reflexes and use them in your practice.

Postural Re-Education & Post Techniques

Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved

Prerequisite: one 16-hour Phase 4 class

In this Ortho-Bionomy class participants learn to evaluate and address inefficient postural habits through accurate observation and simple exercises. Techniques to work with spinal curvatures and scoliosis are presented and practiced. Post techniques focus on assessing and releasing areas of tension as well as integrating the work done in a session. Techniques in this class can facilitate the client’s ability to maintain balance through the neuromuscular re-education of postural habits.

Hands-On Classes
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Business Classes
Business & Marketing Classes

Experiential Ethics & Emotional Issues

Instructor: Jim Berns

NCBTMB approved*

Experiential Ethics and Emotional Issues is an exploration of who we are. This knowledge of self directly affects our therapeutic relationship with our clients. The class combines sharing of information, body awareness exercises, and self-awareness of patterns. You will walk away from this class with a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a highly supportive and ethical body therapist. Some students have wished that they had this class as part of their initial massage therapy training.

*This class counts towards most states’ Ethics requirements. Check with your state to confirm.

Demonstration Skills

Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved as a business/marketing class.

Prerequisite: Enrolled in the Practitioner Training Program and have an Advisor. Completed the Associate Membership level or Advisor/Instructor recommendation.

Every time you talk about Ortho-Bionomy, whether you are interacting with a client, someone you meet, or a friend, you are presenting yourself professionally and giving an “introductory talk.” Your feelings and excitement about Ortho-Bionomy come across in your words, energy, and body language.

To help you clearly and easily communicate about Ortho-Bionomy, this class will help you clarify:

  • What is Ortho-Bionomy?

  • What does an Ortho-Bionomy session look like?

  • How does Ortho-Bionomy feel?

  • What are the benefits of getting an Ortho-Bionomy session?

This class will give you the confidence, knowledge, and experience to embody “being” Ortho-Bionomy, not just talking about it. Students will practice together in a safe, open, and supportive atmosphere. Whether you are a beginning student or finishing your practitioner program, this class can be an incredible experience!

Practitioner Training Seminar

Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved as a business/marketing class.

The Practitioner Training Seminar is grounded in the nuts and bolts of a session (e.g. the intake/interview process, where to work next, clearing your own tension, efficiently closing a session), while also working with the less tangible aspects of being a bodywork practitioner (e.g. preparing yourself for a session, clearing energy (“Ortho-Bionomy Feng Shui.”)


Through self-awareness, enhanced by both discussion and exercises, the student is given a chance to expand into a more authentic practitioner, build their confidence, and ask clarifying questions related to developing their practice or pursuing their studies. While this class is designed to be part of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International Practitioner Training Program, it can greatly benefit anyone who is looking to deepen their connection to their practice.

Elements of a Successful Practice

Instructor: Jim Berns or Melissa Malm

NCBTMB approved as a business/marketing class.

Through learning more about yourself and your strengths, this class will enhance your business and marketing skills. Your intentions can become clearer, your confidence can grow, and you can feel more comfortable receiving value for the work you do. This class is designed for seasoned professionals and entry level practitioners alike. You will walk away from this class with a clearer sense of how to promote yourself. While this class is designed to be part of the Society of OOrtho-Bionomy’s Practitioner Training Program, it can greatly benefit anyone who is looking to deepen their connection to their practice.

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Prerequisite: one 16-hour Ortho-Bionomy Phase 4 class


An Ortho-Bionomy 40-Hour Residential is an experience like no other. Spend quality time in a beautiful location with others who know and love Ortho-Bionomy like you do! You will have an opportunity to:

  • Get away from the day-to-day distractions of daily life to focus on your personal development.

  • Deepen your understanding of the techniques and principles of Ortho-Bionomy.

  • Connect with nature while enjoying instruction, exercises, and hands-on time. 

  • Learn more about yourself in a supportive and flowing Ortho-Bionomy way.


Because of the extended length of a Residential, you can explore material that goes beyond the standard techniques covered in a 16-hour class. Some of the included subjects may be:

  • Interweaving the phases

  • Experiencing a whole session

  • Investigating how to put together the pieces of a session

  • Delving into questions that have been on your mind


We know that caring for others must begin with caring for ourselves. In a Residential, you live this principle and experience self-care and self-nurturing on a deeper level. You will leave knowing yourself and Ortho-Bionomy in new and satisfying ways.

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