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Study Groups

Study Groups are 3-hour explorations of material already covered in a class,
or a new technique or application of Ortho-Bionomy that can generate new possibilities.

Study Groups may be used to fulfill requirements for the Practitioner, and Advanced Practitioner Training Programs offered by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI).

Study Groups may be offered in-person or online. To enroll, click on the Study Group title.

Prerequisite: one 16-hour Phase 4 class.

Upcoming Study Groups

October 29 - Study Group: Observing & Analyzing a Session with Jim Berns

December 3 - Study Group: Two Detailed Tarsal & Metatarsal Releases

 Past Study Groups

Past Study Groups have included:

  • Advanced Applications of the Circle Theory (Phase 4)

  • Integrating Massage and Ortho-Bionomy

  • Jaw, Zygomatic Arch & Mandibular Attachments (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Coccyx (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Hyoid & Trachea (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Deep Lateral Rotators of the Hip (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Hyoid & Trachea

  • Self Care

If there are any specific areas you would like to learn more about in a Study Group, let us know.


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