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Study Groups

Study Groups are 3-hour explorations of material already covered in a class,
or a new technique or application of Ortho-Bionomy that can generate new possibilities.

Study Groups may be used to fulfill requirements for the Practitioner, and Advanced Practitioner Training Programs offered by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI).

Study Groups may be offered in-person or online. To enroll, click on the Study Group title.

Prerequisite: one 16-hour Phase 4 class.

Upcoming Study Groups

April 10 - Releases for the Coccyx (Phase 4)


This 3 hour study group explores the coccyx and its attachments. The coccyx can be commonly injured through falls or accidents. It acts as an anchor for the pelvic floor muscles. 

The coccyx can also “tuck under” due to somatic protective patterns. We will review anatomy and explore release techniques.

 Past Study Groups

Past Study Groups have included:

  • Advanced Applications of the Circle Theory (Phase 4)

  • Integrating Massage and Ortho-Bionomy

  • Jaw, Zygomatic Arch & Mandibular Attachments (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Coccyx (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Hyoid & Trachea (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Deep Lateral Rotators of the Hip (Phase 4)

  • Releases for the Hyoid & Trachea

  • Self Care

If there are any specific areas you would like to learn more about in a Study Group, let us know.


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